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5 Ways to Pay for Long Term Care at Home Regrettably, neither Medicare nor Medicaid is among them

The major anxieties that plague our aging folks, besides those of outliving their resources, are about where they’re going to spend their golden years, and how they’re going to pay for those choices. Unfortunately, Medicare does not pay for long term care, whether at home or in facilities. As for Medicaid, it is a state-by-state … Continue reading

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Baby Boomers in a Classic “Double Whammy” With both college-age children and aging parents to care for

If you combine the college whirlwind with the outsized, twirling charge that aging often involves, you get a vortex into which many baby boomers are still being sucked. Boomers at the peak of their careers By 2016, many boomers are turning into their mid-to-late 50’s and early 60’s, typically at or near the peak of … Continue reading

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Contingency Planning for People with Aging ParentsWithout a plan, you fall prey to costly impromptu decisions

Are you responsible for one or both aging folks? Here are some of the consequential elements of the advance planning that will help preserve your sanity at a time of crisis. Awkward Transitions Many of us don’t think about transitions, including end-of-life transitions, until these hit us on the head with the subtlety of a … Continue reading

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How Much Does a Nursing Home Cost? The divergence in costs between facilities can be dramatic

Nursing homes are expensive by any measures, although costs vary considerably depending on location, type of accommodations, the level of care needed and, naturally, by the metric of luxury. Average Costs In 2014, the average daily rate for a semi-private room was $212 ($240 for a private room), with the lowest average rate at $94 … Continue reading

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Need 24-Hour Care for a Parent? A “live-in” arrangement is best: here is how it works

24-hour live-in arrangements are much in demand these days, and it’s not only because of their cost savings. Here first are their benefits: Who benefits the most You and your parent would both benefit greatly. In your case, having a devoted caregiver living in with your parent gives you great peace of mind, particularly if … Continue reading

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Choosing Between Independent & Assisted Living A comparative analysis of the two types of living facilities

As our parents age, we find ourselves facing tougher tasks at a time when we often also have to look after school or college-age children. Helping parents manage their health issues and making living and caregiving choices can thus be among the most demanding responsibilities that we have to assume. Frequently though, our parents are … Continue reading

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When an Aging Parent is Suddenly Widowed The cost of staying at home vs. an Assisted Living Facility

Awkward transitions, including end-of-life transitions, have a way of hitting us on the head with the subtlety of a sledge hammer. And when aging Dad is suddenly widowed, you pull out your contingency plan and, together with your siblings who each now their exact responsibilities for a crisis of this nature, you go to work. … Continue reading

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What it’s Like to Have 3rd Stage AD Helen is beginning to show signs of Alzheimer’s

At the beautiful age of 71, Helen loves to wear purple, has a cat named Phoebe, enjoys fiddling in her flower garden and has a pile of magazines and paperbacks on her coffee table. Her two daughters, Jane and Sue, live near her with their children and make up all the family she ever sees, … Continue reading

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Trigger Events that Generate Awkward Transitions When Dad’s stroke left Mom on her own and vulnerable

Families in distress were commonplace for those of us at the agency, and yet I for one could never avoid feeling shaken. With the passage of time and a succession of crises I got more adroit at resolving some of the typical issues, and yet every heart-wrenching experience still left me deeply affected. Dad’s stroke … Continue reading

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The Relation between Caregivers and their Agencies Why the best caregivers prefer to work through an agency

It is well known in at-home elder care that great caregivers like to work through a Homecare agency. The agency provides the marketing that they lack individually. Here is what that means: Caregivers don’t like to commute farther than 10 or 15 miles on a daily basis, and they have specific needs as to the … Continue reading

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